Exchange information

Exchange information

We have some very exciting news to share with you. The Royal Islander Club has weeks now available for upgrades and permanent exchanges. Contact our sales office at to take advantage of these availability.

RCI and II exchanges

In order to exchange or bank your week, your maintenance dues must be paid up for the time you are depositing. When banking with RCI or Interval Int’l, do it as early as possible. Your trading power is higher.

The Exchange Companies (RCI/II) are not only to provide services to travel elsewhere (to other timeshares), but also to return to your own home resort at another time other than your week. Internal Exchanges are not available anymore you need to use the services of the Exchange Company you’re affiliated with. To enroll with RCI weeks program, please click on the link (Visit RCI).

RCI Form
Interval Form

The option of the points system gives you the opportunity to select over 4,000 dream vacation destinations worldwide, giving you total Flexibility, Choice and Control. Options put you in control so that you can decide between an extended dream holiday or a series of relaxing mini-breaks. You can even tailor-make your own trip of a lifetime by saving and borrowing points from one year to the next.

How the points work for you, the facts

  • Your maintenance fee remains unchanged, unless there is an increase in maintenance fees and must be paid before your points use year begins. If payment is not received as indicated on your maintenance fee invoice, your points will not be eligible for borrowing and exchanging.
  • There will be a “freeze” on your RCI Points account until such a time that we receive your payment after which we can release the freeze on your RCI account..
  • Your week is fixed ownership at the Royal Islander Club for the term of your membership; however, you have the exclusive right to use your home-week should you wish to do so 13 months in advance. It is recommended that you make your home-week reservations each year and then cancel 120 days prior to start date, if necessary, once your vacation plans have been finalized.
  • To check your points balance, request exchanges and book your reservations you have to call RCI at 1-877-968-7476. You can also log on to to book your on-line reservations. You must obtain your RCI Points Reservations Confirmations through RCI.
  • Joining is simple and it involves an enrollment fee and thereafter you will be charged your annual RCI subscription fee and of course your annual maintenance fee must be paid before your points use year begins
  • Points are more Flexible and let you choose the full visibility of all RCI options before making your vacation decisions.
  • With RCI on-going get-away specials save and borrow points to suit your needs and don’t miss out. RCI offers you over 4,000 fantastic vacation destinations to choose from.
  • The points valuation of your week (s) along with the explanation how to use it, can be obtained at our Sales Office via email at or at +1-721-545-2388 ext. 6506

Internal Exchanges

Due to limited weeks available at the Royal Islander Club, internal exchanges are no longer available to members. Please contact your exchange provider for your exchanges.

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