Maintenance Fees

Maintenance Fees

Q. What is a maintenance fee?

A. The maintenance fee is an annual charge payable to the resort to maintain and improve the property. The maintenance fee covers insurances, utilities, furniture, fixtures and fittings etc.

Q. When is my maintenance fee due?

A. Your maintenance fee is due January 1st, of each year.

Q. What happens if I did not pay my maintenance fee on time?

A. You will be assessed with 2% late charges.

Q. If I did not receive my maintenance fee, whom do I contact?

A. If you have not received your maintenance fee, contact the resort at If you have changed your mailing address, please notify the resort at immediately to update your information on file.

To avoid late charges it is advisable to send your payment before the beginning of the year. Be sure to include your unit and week number on your check to correctly process your payment.

Q. How do I pay my maintentance fee by check?

We are pleased to inform you that Concord Servicing Corporation will now be servicing your Royal Islander Club maintenance fee account. As of November 2013, you will be receiving your statements from Concord Servicing Corporation.

Any payment by check should be forwarded to:

Concord Servicing Corporation
4150 N. Drinkwater Blvd., Suite 200
Scottsdale, AZ 85251-3643

Your check should be made payable to Royal Islander Club La Plage or Royal Islander Club La Terrasse and should include your contract number to correctly process your payment.

Q. Can I pay my maintenance fee online?

Yes, you can pay your maintenance fees online through Concord Servicing Corporation’s online service If you have any questions please contact Concord Servicing Corporation by phone at 866-493-6393.


Contact our Accounting Department at Royal Islander Club
Rhine Road, St Maarten
Phone: +1-721-545-2388 ext 317
Fax: +1-721-545-5719

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