What is Vacation Ownership?

A vacation ownership is a vacation property ownership, for a specific period of time, usually a week on an annual basis. The member does not bear the burden of owning the property the whole year, but paying only for the time used.

The resort sells vacation ownership usually in either one-week intervals or multiple weeks. Members have the right to use their home resort (fixed intervals) at the cost of applicable maintenance fee or can trade their weeks with numerous affiliated resorts over 3,900 worldwide.
Fixed week is a set week, which can be either a Saturday to Saturday of Sunday to Sunday.

Vacation ownership offers you many benefits, including superb luxury accommodations with an attractive price plan when compared to hotels. It also offers you the opportunity to own a fix interval at your home resort and can be exchanged at international destinations.
Exchanging is trading your fixed week at your home resort for another week at another resort.
The exchange companies are Interval International (II) and Resort Condominium International (RCI).

The point system is a vacation ownership program in which you own points that represents the fixed week you purchased. The points offers you the flexibility to use your points for shorter vacations, as well as travel related products, including airfares, cruises, hotel reservations and much more.

Depending on the resort you owned, your fixed week can give you multiple exchanges at another resort depending on the grid point’s value.

How do I become a member?

Membership at the Royal Islander Club has never been easier. If you wish to join one of the most requested timeshare resorts worldwide, you can email us or call us and we will be happy to process your membership application.

The Royal Islander Club is a proud recipient of the Resort of International Distinction for First Class Service and Hospitality award, The RCI Gold Crown award and Interval International Five Star award. We’re waiting to hear from you!

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